What is love?

Love is not supposed to hurt like this. Love is not supposed to be a prison for your mind or a sentence for your soul. It is not sleepless nights and silent tears.

Don’t tell me that you love me and think that it will make everything ok. That the word itself means anything, when all you show me is cruelty. Words are not a magic wand. And love is not selfish or self-fulfilling.

Passion is not harsh words and fiery tempers. Love is supposed to enhance your life, not make you want to die. Love is not just flowers or pretty pictures.

Love is not just a four letter word that you should throw around like grenades at a war zone. It is not a free pass or an apology. It does not absolve you of guilt or erase your wrongdoings.

Love is vulnerable. It is not a power dynamic or means of control. It is not a form of manipulation. Love is not a quick fix or a form of personal therapy. It does not exist to soothe your ego.


What is love? I’m not sure. I’ll let you know when I see it.

But the next time you are about to say the words “I love you”, stop and think about what they really mean.


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